Anisa Hasanhodžić, Rifet Rustemović, Heidemarie Uhl (eds.), Being A Refugee: A European Narrative (Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History, 2018) (ISBN 978-3-200-05731-9)


The publication “Being a Refugee: A European Narrative” has been published by the Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History of the Austrian Academy of Sciences as part of this project, gathering experts as well as young scientists dealing with the European flight and refuge narratives, who shared their expertise by offering new scientific articles on this topic while building new perspectives on common European refugee narrative which is to be shared and researched.

Here you can find excerpts (“Being a Refugee. A European Narrative”, by Anisa Hasanhodžić, Rifet Rustemović and Heidemarie Uhl) from the publication, which is also available for download here.